Glass Art Gallery

Shown here is a selection of work, some of which is currently available for sale through either Cobalt Fine Arts, London or directly from Adriana (please click on the thumbnail for the full image and its details).  The majority of pieces shown here have been kiln cast - the designs you see are mostly carved by hand into refractory plaster to make a mould and then the glass is cast into the mould in the kiln. This can be a delicate process and is always very time consuming.  For the iceberg series (shown in this gallery is just a small selection) each iceberg mould is made from a hand carved model which is then burnt out of the mould, again creating a unique piece.  Perception of Freedom is a series of 6 pieces, each available individually, which are made by the lost wax method and then kiln-cast.

Series 7, Iceberg 4Series 7, Iceberg 5Series 7, Iceberg 6Series 7, Iceberg 7
Series 7, Iceberg 8Series 7, Iceberg 9Series 7, Iceberg 10A Wonderful Life
Going Happily DottyFalling Apart at the SeamsPerception of Freedom 1Perception of Freedom 3

Once each piece is out of the kiln, it then has to be either hand polished - to a soft sheen or a mirror polish - depending upon the final desired effects, or sandblasted and then fire-polished and slumped. How the light plays through the artwork changes with this finish as well as the carved design within, or the varying thicknesses of the crystal and the colour of glass used.


All images copyright of Adriana Brinsmead-Stockham or Alex Brattell